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10 - 15 years
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Location: Fresno, CA 

The Vice President, Operations will have accountability for setting and achieving goals related to the profitable maintenance and repair of company’s products and the growth of the service contract base throughout the Company. Manage and oversee the day today operation and administration of the Regional Directors of Field Service, Director of Depot Services, Manager of Service Coordination and their respective teams. The Vice President of Operations must have a very flexible schedule.

  • Drive business results and manage customer relationships within your area of responsibility.
  • Provide leadership to achieve revenue and margin targets, customer loyalty, world class service and employee satisfaction.
  • Drive improvements in customer satisfaction by leveraging customer feedback programs and direct customer engagement to accelerate the implementation of effective solutions.
  • Improve profitability of the services business by maximizing revenue and managing labor and material expense. Accountable for positive leadership of direct reports including ongoing direction, training, coaching and career development.
  • Lead and cultivate a culture of company’s values and integrity and drive customer loyalty.
  • Own operational processes (PM Compliance, Overtime Management, QA Process compliance) and any other processes required to run your business.
  • Maintain ongoing, cross-functional communication in order to ensure that there is adequate liaison with Sales/ Marketing, Quality Assurance, Finance, Contract Management on key customer issues.
  • Provide targeted solutions and negotiate contracts to a win-win position for customer opportunities within accounts of assigned responsibility.
  • Work closely with Sr. VP Business Development managing IDN customer account relationships and attending customer business meetings as needed.
  • Work closely with the Chief Compliance Officer and QA Team to promote a safe working environment and ensure compliance with applicable Quality Management System and Regulatory policies and procedures.
  • Work closely with the Chief Financial Officer and Finance Team to ensure technical operations teams are operating at maximum financial efficiencies.


  • Ability to develop and implement strategic initiatives to generate growth in revenue. Can create competitive strategies and plans.
  • Proven business savvy with strategic thinking and planning skills and experience in managing P/L business.
  • Proven leadership and ability to orchestrate resources and motivate teams.
  • The ability to effectively handle multiple and conflicting high-level business problems simultaneously under time constraints.
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate across a distributed workforce and with customers.


The Values


Demonstrates competence in working through communication, interpersonal relations and decision making that considers all the groups and departments in the organization.


Demonstrates competence in open communication, ethical decision making and respectful treatment of the people with whom you interact.


Demonstrates competence in continuous improvement, continuous learning, accountability, teamwork, motivating and developing others, problem solving and decision making, displaying financial understanding, managing daily operations, and demonstrating business/job specific knowledge.

Core Competencies

Title and Definition Account Management

Manages accounts in a manner that ensures that customer needs are understood and met. Builds relationships with key decision makers while showing respect for each and every person in a customer organization. Expands services within existing accounts and keeps track of account activities in order to respond to new developments and changes. This is in contrast to those who are unaware of customer needs; are unsuccessful at building relationships with key decisionmakers; treat some individuals in a discourteous or disrespectful manner; are unsuccessful at expanding sales within existing accounts; and/or are frequently unaware of account activity that could trigger a customer contact and, consequently, miss opportunities for the business.

Customer Focus

Personally, demonstrates that external (or internal) customers are a high priority. Identifies customer needs and expectations and responds to them in a timely and effective manner. Anticipates and prevents delays or other things that can adversely affect the customer. Keeps customers informed about the status of pending actions and inquires about customer satisfaction with products or services. This is in sharp contrast to behavior patterns that tend to disappoint customers, leave them feeling forgotten and unimportant or that otherwise result in unmet needs or expectations.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Takes actions that resolve conflicts in a manner that is best for both the organization and the individuals involved. Addresses complaints and problems quickly and effectively, keeps all parties informed of the status of any negotiations required, encourages employees to report problems or concerns and negotiates outcomes that are viewed as fair and evenhanded. This is quite different from those who tend to ignore conflicts or complaints, do not keep interested parties abreast of the status for resolving issues, fail to make it comfortable for people to express concerns or appear unable or unwilling to facilitate a process that helps resolve conflicts.

Implementing Policies

Ensures that new policies are understood and taken seriously. Communicates new policies and procedures to employees, supports them with adequate and timely resources and monitors actual practices in a manner that makes it clear that full compliance is expected. Avoids behavior or communications that might send a mixed message about the importance of new procedures or suggests that full compliance is optional.


Recognizes opportunities and initiates actions to capitalize on them. Looks for new and productive ways to make an impact. Demonstrates this characteristic when it comes to generating new ideas or processes, capitalizing on new business opportunities, seeking out and taking on increasing responsibility or resolving problems as they occur. Uses sound judgment about when to take action and when to seek guidance or permission. This contrasts with those who fail to notice opportunities, wait to be asked or instructed before taking action, seldom offer new ideas or express reservations about taking on additional responsibilities.


Acts in ways that demonstrate personal integrity and serves as a positive example of why others should trust the motives of the organization. Views himself or herself as a reflection of the organization by following through on commitments and accepting ownership of any mistakes he or she might make. Leaves others with the clear impression that integrity is a core value at this organization. This is in contrast to individuals who make commitments that go unmet, fail to acknowledge their role in disappointing events, or whose actions (or inaction) leave others with doubts about the level of trust that should be placed in the organization.

Managing Multiple Priorities

Handles multiple assignments and priorities yet still fulfills all commitments. Readily accepts new responsibilities and adapts well to changes in procedures. Gives appropriate priorities to various work demands. This is quite different from those who struggle to stay focused when faced with multiple priorities; focus only on one or two job priorities while neglecting others; and/or hesitate, complain or refuse to accept new procedures or assignments.

Serving as Advisor

When needed, serves as an advisor regarding technical aspects of a project. Makes recommendations related to procedures and resources that may be needed. Has gained the respect and confidence of the people he/she advises. This is distinctly different from those whose advice fails to result in improving efficiency or avoiding pitfalls on projects and/or whose track record or ability to persuade others creates a lack of credibility and a lack of confidence in following any advice offered.

Strategic Thinking

Can analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses and then combine these with knowledge of the industry, market and organization to develop long term strategy. This is distinctly different from being unaware of organizational strengths and weaknesses and/or are being unable to combine a knowledge of the industry, market and organization in a fashion that results in a viable long-term strategy.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Critical to this Role

Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, including the ability to deal with customer issues of critical importance, in a sensitive but effective manner.

Able to work with a minimum of supervision.

Able to prioritize and execute complex scheduling tasks in a multitasking, interrupt driven environment.

Work Experience

10+ years in Field Service with Proven Management Skills in Healthcare, Biomedical Equipment Support and Maintenance Environment.

Education Requirements Degree/Diploma

MS/MA or /BS/BA – Engineering, Marketing, Operations, Others.

Certificates and/or Licenses Preferred




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