How iHireHealthCareAdministration Accelerates Your Job Search

iHireHealthCareAdministration isn’t just another job board. We’re the only site you’ll need to find Health Care Administration openings and land your next great job. Our iMatch technology searches more than 12,000 sources per day including the big career sites as well as company pages, government databases, online classifieds, and more. Reach your employment goals faster with iHireHealthCareAdministration.

Basic Membership

When you register with iHireHealthCareAdministration, we'll automatically give you a Basic Membership. With a Basic Membership, you can…

Set up a customized profile. Tell us which types of positions you’re looking for. We’ll email you new matching jobs on your time frame so you can stay current on great opportunities available in your area.

Upload your resume. With a resume on file, you can apply to in-network jobs and use iScore Basic to check your document’s mechanics and formatting. You can also make your resume searchable and allow employers in our network to view your resume when they look for candidates with your qualifications.

Search jobs. As a Basic Member, you will see the full content (title, location, company, description, how to apply) of our in-network jobs. The content of out-of-network jobs is reserved exclusively for our Premium Members, but you can browse their titles and partial descriptions to watch for that perfect opportunity.

Premium Membership

Premium Membership gives you all the benefits of Basic Membership, plus the full content (title, location, company, description, how to apply) of every job. Premium Members are also highlighted in resume search and candidate lists of in-network employers and have unlimited use of iScore Premium to compare their resume to a job posting before applying.

We work hard to create these Premium tools as well as find, validate, and classify out-of-network opportunities, and for these services we do charge a fee. Additionally, we occasionally offer a trial membership to first-time Premium Members so job seekers can try us out risk-free.

If iHireHealthCareAdministration isn’t a good fit, simply cancel your membership and you won’t be charged another dime. If you’re happy with your membership, you will remain enrolled as a Premium Member and your unlimited access will continue uninterrupted.